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PerkinElmer® | Cisbio offers custom assay development in the technology format of your choice:

If you are new to our technologies and have been relying on Western Blot or ELISA, be prepared for a life changing experience of simplicity!

With hundreds of kits and reagents in our catalog, we offer the tools needed to address a wide array of applications, including protein-protein interaction, in-cell phosphorylation, receptor signaling, and cytokine release.

The size of the human proteome dwarfs our assay and reagents catalog. Can’t find the kit you’re looking for? Our custom laboratories are ready to help.

We develop a customized and optimal solution for you

PerkinElmer | Cisbio has partnered with industry and academia to dramatically shorten the drug identification process using our powerful and accurate technologies. Our expertise doesn’t end with our extensive catalog of assays. An experienced Project Manager will evaluate your project’s chance of success, then work with you to create a customized assay for the target you seek to explore.

PerkinElmer | Cisbio will help your custom assay project reach its goal with the full resources of a team of scientific experts dedicated to you and your target, working in strict confidentiality. We will carefully evaluate what’s possible and determine the most accurate and time-efficient path to the answers you seek. And we will make sure that the solution works for you by running it on your lab equipment.

With 3 custom assay options, there is an approach for any need

Biochemical assay development

Biochemical assay

We utilize only purified reagents for enzyme assays, protein quantification, or protein-protein interaction assays to elucidate your target’s biology.

ELISA conversion

ELISA conversion

We can convert any of your ELISA assays into an AlphaLISA®, DELFIA®, or HTRF® format, thus eliminating time-consuming and expensive steps.

Cell based assays

Cell-based assays

This customized solution will work with your specific cells. The reagents are carefully selected and optimized on your lysates to ensure consistent, reliable, and high-quality results on your preferred cell model.

PerkinElmer | Cisbio, a customer-focused company with high technology offerings

At PerkinElmer | Cisbio we offer 30+ years of experience in custom laboratory services. Our experts employ a straightforward assay development process and cater to your specific technology and assay needs. A key aspect of our custom Assay Development Service is the scientist-to-scientist interaction you receive, from the start of your project to its successful completion. Our aim is to make custom assay development simpler and easier for drug-discovery and development scientists.

Focus on the technology

Our scientists focus exclusively on premier technology options designed to accelerate your research, and in doing so, have developed a deep understanding of the mechanisms involved.

Your project will receive the same attention and discerning development techniques as the hundreds of kits PerkinElmer | Cisbio has in its portfolio.

Focus on technology

Consistency and persistence

Psychologist A. Ericsson developed the concept of deliberate practice to explain the development of extraordinary abilities across disciplines, including sports and medicine. He believes the development of these skills is due to consistency and persistence. We wholeheartedly agree.

Our scientists have an unmatched level of experience developing custom assays and facing complex and diverse case scenarios.

Consistency and persistence

Customer-centric approach

PerkinElmer | Cisbio genuinely cares about its customers and their projects. We recruit our scientists based not just on their skills but also on their ability to develop empathy for our clients’ projects.

At PerkinElmer | Cisbio we understand that there is no one solution for the development of your ideal assay and that every project brings its own set of challenges. For that reason, we are organized around regional laboratories and encourage frequent conversations between our scientists and you, the future end users.

Customer centric approach

Chances of success

With our expertise and dedication, we can claim success rates above 90%. Science, however, does not always work 100% according to plan.

Our policy is to always be honest on the chances of success for any project. We bet on rational explanations to build trust with our clients.

This philosophy has resulted in the development of the PerkinElmer | Cisbio Proposal, a document that details the tentative experimental plan and provides a realistic assessment of the chances of success. The Proposal is complimentary.

Chances of success

Unmatched deliverables

Why only get a protocol when you can have a custom kit?

All assay development projects result in the delivery of a custom kit which includes a protocol and a fixed quantity of reagents to perform an agreed-upon number of tests.

Unmatched deliverables

In as little as 4 to 8 weeks, we will develop and deliver your customized assay

Thanks to our extensive experience, PerkinElmer | Cisbio’s customized assay process is both flexible and fast. We begin by assigning you a dedicated Project Manager who will make sure that every part of the process meets your needs and timeline—with the level of NDA and MTA confidentiality you desire. The Project Manager will be available to answer any questions throughout the project, as well as to update you on the progress being made towards delivering your customized solution.

Develop and deliver customized assay
Develop and deliver customized assay

First, we will deliver a feasibility study with complete assay specifications, including the options available to you, reagent description, and a precise development timeline. Then, the 4 to 8 week development process begins. Leveraging our depth of experience, we’ll work quickly to deliver your customized solution. We can modify our direction of study easily to accommodate any input you may provide during the project. Your assay will be optimized as we select and label the best reagents.

Finally, we’ll work with you on assay transfer to your own laboratory. We can also help you with assay implementation and final report development.


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